Are You Sprucing Up Your House?

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Now that summer is just about over, have you decided to spruce up your house? Perhaps the summer months were when you paid attention to your landscaping, and it turned out to look like something in a gardening magazine. Now it's time to give your house the same attention, right? From residential painting for the outside of your house to residential painting for the inside of the house,  here are some ideas that might help you.

The Outdoor Paint - First, decide what you want for the outdoor paint job. Do you want the same color of paint that you had before? Maybe you've decided that, since you're painting the house anyway, you'd like to start with a brand new color. Unless you are a very experienced painter or have a lot of time,  it would be best to arrange for professionals to do your painting for you.

The painters will have the experience to give attention to detail. For example, if the shutters on your windows will be repainted, professionals will make sure both the inside and outside of each shutter is properly painted. In addition, they'll know exactly what kind of paint to use. Whether they are painting over brick, stucco wood, or any other material, an outdoor paint formulated for the material will be used that will perform well during any kind of weather, as well as under the rays of the sun. 

The Inside Paint - What about the inside of your house? Will you be selecting one color for every room in the house? If so, consider going with something like a very pale turquoise, gray, eggshell white, or pale yellow. Those colors will probably complement any decor you will use throughout the house. 

Maybe you want different colors instead of just one. For example, perhaps the living room and dining room will be one color, but you want a different theme for the family room. Or, your kids might have begged you to let them choose the color of paint for their bedrooms. 

No matter which colors of paint you select, think of giving the paint job a unique look. For example, choose a wallpaper border in the living room and dining room. In the kitchen, think of stenciling the walls with something like strawberries. Your son's room might look very nice with a train stencil or a sailboat stencil, for example.

Another idea is to have some of the walls faux painted. For example, if you are going with a western theme in the family room, faux painting could make the walls look like worn leather or like denim. 


22 August 2019

Building our Guest House Was a Great Decision

For years, my wife and I debated on what we wanted to do with all of the spare land in the back of our house. We were lucky enough to buy a house on an extra-large lot for a great deal, but the land was "going to waste" for quite a while. One day, we finally decided to have a guest house built on it, and now that the house is finished, we wish we had built it long ago. We are now renting it out for some extra income, and it is helping us save for retirement. I have always been fascinated by construction, so I enjoyed watching the professionals build the guest house and learned a lot during the process. I decided to fill some free time by blogging about the experience and sharing some construction info I learned during the process. Come back soon!