How Damaged Pipes Or Bad Soil In Your Septic Drainfield Might Be Repaired

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The last thing you want to hear, when you're having septic system problems, is that your drainfield is bad. Drainfield repairs can be expensive and you may even need to have a new field built, if the old one can't be saved. Even if you take excellent care of your septic system, it's still possible for the drainfield to go bad. However, if you flush things that don't decompose and don't conserve water, your drainfield may give out much sooner. Here are some options for drainfield repairs.

When Pipes Are Damaged

Your septic drainfield consists of a series of trenches that contain pipes that allow wastewater from your septic tank to leak out and filter through the soil. When you have drainfield problems, the pipes could be to blame. If a pipe is clogged by tree roots or waste from the septic tank, it might be possible to clean out the pipe or replace it. A drainfield pipe can also be damaged by having something drive over the top of it, even though the pipe is buried under the ground. In that case, the pipe may need to be repaired or replaced entirely.

When The Problem Is The Soil

Compacted soil or soil that coated with a bacterial film that blocks wastewater is a more serious problem. The soil has to allow water to filter through it, or your septic system won't work and the tank may back up. A clue the soil is struggling is that the grass above the drainfield is wet and has a sewer odor. The grass could also be a bright green color and stand out from the rest of your yard. When you see sewage in your yard or notice changes to the grass, call a contractor to check your drainfield so that repairs can be made, if necessary.

The repair contractor might use an additive that clears out the bacterial film and restores the optimum microbial balance in the drainfield. Another option could be to add air to solve the problem of compacted soil. The septic tank drainfield repair methods your contractor has to choose from depends on what is allowed by your local codes or state regulations.

When the soil in the drainfield is bad, the problem can often work itself out, given enough time. However, when you need to use your septic system daily, you don't have time to wait. If your contractor can't find a way to make drainfield repair work, then it could be necessary to find a suitable place in your yard for a brand new drainfield.


10 July 2019

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