Why Upgrade To Tankless Water Heating


There will come a day when your hot water tank will fail. It could be due to the heating element no longer working, or rust forming on the side of the tank. When this happens, you'll have to decide what you want to do. You can stick with the same kind of appliance you are familiar with or upgrade to something better. There are many reasons to upgrade to tankless water heating, some of which you may not be aware of. Consider these 3 things before you make a decision.

Energy Efficiency

As the cost of energy continues to go up, energy efficiency will always be a concern for homeowners. With a traditional hot water tank, you end up spending a lot of money each year to heat the water so it is ready to go when needed. It heats the water when you're at work, sleeping, or away from your home on vacation. You can avoid this energy waste by upgrading to tankless water heating.

The way a tankless model works is that it heats the water on demand as it flows through the water heater. You will never waste energy heating water that you are not using when you're not around since you only heat the water that comes out of your taps. If you are trying to save money or are just environmentally conscious, this is a great reason to make the upgrade.

Endless Hot Water

A problem you may run into with a traditional hot water tank is that you can actually run out of hot water. It will take a while for the tank to keep up with the demand, but until then, you won't be able to use hot water. This can be especially problematic when showering in the morning with a big family that just used the bathroom before you.

Tankless water heating will heat water on demand, meaning you never run out of hot water. As long as the water is flowing, it will come out hot.

Appliance Longevity

Even though tankless water heating costs more than a tank, be aware that the tankless models will last longer. You'll spend more up-front, but when combined with the energy savings and longer lifespan of the appliance, you'll spend less over time.

Feel like it's time to make the switch? Contact a local plumber for assistance. They can help select a specific tankless water heater and install it for you.


22 April 2019

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