3 Ways Seamless Gutters Can Benefit Your Home

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If your gutters are damaged, cracked, or rusted, it is time to replace them. Another indication that your gutters are at the end of their lifespan is if they appear bent or no longer hold their shape. When replacing your gutters, you will have to choose between seamed and seamless gutters.

Seamed gutters are placed on your house in sections and contain multiple connectors that attach one piece of gutter to the next piece. Seamless gutters look like one big, long gutter with joints at the corners and downspouts. Keep reading to learn how seamless gutters can benefit your home

1. Seamless Gutters Decrease the Chances of Your Gutters Leaking

When gutters start to leak, it's typically at a downspout or where one gutter connects to another. Seamless gutters have fewer connecting sections, decreasing the likelihood that they experience leaks. Remember, the purpose of gutters is to direct water away from your home. If your gutters leak, this can cause a host of possible issues.

Should the water leak from the gutters onto your home, these wet conditions can cause mildew or mold to form on your home's exterior. Water that pools at the end of your gutters instead of properly draining away can cause your landscaping to flood or overrun your foundation with excessive moisture.

2. Multiple Options Ensure the Gutters Complement Your Home

Seamless gutters have a variety of color and material options, making it easy to see that the gutters enhance the look of your home. Your gutter contractor can also coordinate the tone and style of your seamless gutters with your home's soffit and fascia system.

Though aluminum is one of the most prevalent options for seamless gutters, copper and steel are two other popular alternatives. Copper gutters are popular in part thanks to their lengthy lifespan. 

Some homeowners also prefer the streamlined, customized appearance of a seamless gutter system. When you have your seamless gutters installed, the fabricators will literally make the gutters to fit your home. 

3. Seamless Gutters Have a Longer Lifespan

Though seamed gutters have a lower initial cost, in the long run, seamless gutters usually wind up being just as affordable. It's common for seamed gutters to to prematurely start to sag or deteriorate. Once this happens, you have to replace the damaged pieces for the gutters to continue to function as intended.

Since seamless gutters are created specifically to fit your home, they last longer than seamed gutters. The absence of multiple connectors helps them maintain their structural integrity so that they continue to look amazing and function as intended. Contact a service, like A-1 Seamless Gutters Inc, for more help.


7 December 2018

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