3 Important Safety Gear To Have For Road Work Zones

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If you spend a lot of your time on work zones near major roads and highways, it's important to exercise extreme caution and wear the appropriate gear. The following safety items -- in particular -- are worth investing in because they can enhance your safety when around these work sites. 

1. LED Traffic Signs 

There will be times when you need to let oncoming drivers know about upcoming work zones. They can then prepare accordingly so that accidents are avoided. There's no better way to inform drivers of these work zones than to use LED traffic signs.

They give off a bright light, which will be easy to make out in low-light conditions. The LED lights are designed to last for a long time, saving you from having to replace them often. Best of all, a lot of these LED traffic signs can be customized. You can thus create a specific message to show drivers, whether it's to slow down or merge into another lane.

2. Water-Filled Barriers 

If you need traffic to avoid certain areas near your work zone, you'll need to invest in water-filled barriers. They will keep the flow of traffic exactly where you need it. Since they're filled with water, they will effectively slow down any vehicles that come in contact with them.

When water isn't in these barriers, they are extremely easy to move around your work zones. No special equipment will be required to transport them. These barriers are also impact-resistant and feature bright colors that will be clearly visible at night.

3. High-Visibility Safety Vests

It can be extremely dangerous to work on road sites at night, as drivers don't have as great of vision. Fortunately, you can increase your visibility with ease simply by wearing a high-visibility safety vest.

These vests feature reflective materials all along the front and back, which can be seen from a distance when lights from vehicles shine on them. As a result, your chances of getting clipped while near a road work zone at night drastically go down. 

These vests are often made out of a durable, yet lightweight polyester that will not weigh you down. A lot of these vests even have pockets in the front -- which make it easy to keep important work essentials nearby at all times. There are many dangers you have to watch out for when working on a road work site. At least when you're properly geared up and invest in the right equipment, you can decrease the odds of accidents occurring. 

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31 July 2018

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