Three Signs You Need To Install New Insulation

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Your insulation is one of the most important unseen parts of your home. Installed in the attic, floors, and walls of your home, insulation works to trap heat inside (or outside, depending on the season) of your home. This means that insulation plays a year-long role in maintaining the comfort levels within your home, and improper or aged insulation that is not able to do its job properly can cause your utility bills to skyrocket no matter the season. Understanding some of the signs associated with insulation that is in need of replacement can help you identify when you need to talk to a contractor before you see a huge increase in your monthly bills.

Uneven Temperatures

One of the main and most noticeable warning signs associated with insulation that needs to be replaced is if you notice that the temperature within your home is constantly uneven. This can take the form of fluctuating temperatures, similar to a draft, moving throughout a room, or can just be a chronic hot or cold spot that doesn't seem to go away no matter what you do to try and fix it. Luckily, this also clearly indicates where your insulation is poorest, making the installation job a little easier.

Attic Water Damage

Another clear sign that you may want to contact a contractor about replacing your home's insulation is if you find that there are signs of water damage in your attic. Insulation will clump up and become less effective if exposed to water, and leaks in the roof can allow water, even if in small amounts over a long period of time, to ruin large swaths of your insulation. Insulation that is exposed to water can also cause mold and mildew growth to take hold, both of which are serious health concerns. If you find evidence of a leak in your roof and water damage in your attic, you should call both an insulation and a roofing contractor to fix all underlying problems.

Frozen Pipes

Finally, though, it really only applies to colder climates, you may want to consider replacing your existing insulation, or at the very least adding on additional insulation, if you experience frozen pipes in your home. Frozen pipes can be attributed to temperatures that are simply too low within your home, and can cause a massive amount of water damage as the freezing water can cause the pipes to burst, which can be expensive to clean up. 

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20 June 2018

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