Safety Guidelines For The Animals Who Reside In Your Rescue Facility

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If you own a small animal rescue operation and house dogs and cats inside of a facility that is located in the countryside, it is vital that the animals are provided with comfortable living and sleeping quarters and that each creature's basic needs are met prior to being adopted. Use the safety guidelines below to assist with caring for the animals.

Maintain The Air Conditioning Unit

If the rescue facility has a central air conditioning unit that is used daily throughout the summer, maintaining the cleanliness of the unit and having minor repairs made as they are needed will minimize the risk of encountering a large problem that could result in inadequate cooling or the need to purchase a new unit.

First, make sure that the outdoor condenser unit does not have any materials on it that could cause blockages. If the unit is located underneath trees or is next to large shrubs, dangling branches, or leaves could interfere with the operation of the unit. Use a broom or handheld brush to remove loose debris from the unit. Trim trees and shrubs regularly to prevent additional materials from coming into contact with the unit.

While the air conditioning unit is turned off, use a shop vacuum cleaner to clean the interior opening of each wall or floor vent. Use a scrub brush to loosen animal fur or dust that is stuck to both sides of each vent cover before vacuuming the surface of each cover. Replace the central unit's filter every few weeks. 

Use Automatic Feeders And A Filtering Device And Limit Outdoor Time

If you have enclosed pens outdoors that are used as recreational areas for the animals, make sure that the animals are closely monitored while spending time outdoors and that they have access to fresh food and water. Automatic feeders and a water dispenser that contains a filtering device will ensure that the animals have what they need at all times.

Limit the amount of time spent outdoors so that the animals are not prone to heat exhaustion. Use a watch or timer to assist with keeping track of how long the animals are outside and return them to their living quarters at the times you have designated.

Hire Extra Help And Create A Schedule

If you are the sole provider for the animals and have limited help from volunteers or paid employees, take into account that you may be spreading yourself too thin and could benefit by hiring some other people.

Hiring people will allow you the flexibility to create a rotating schedule. When creating a schedule, make sure that the animals have someone looking after them during the day and night. For more information, contact your local air conditioning repair services.


30 April 2018

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