Signs Your Well Pump May Need Repair Or Replacement

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A well pump can help pump water from your well into the pipes that lead into your home, supplying your home with water. As such, the pump plays an important role in your day-to-day life, helping ensure you have water to cook with, bathe in, wash your clothing in and flush the toilet with. However, as your well pump is used, it can slowly wear out and eventually, it may need repairs or replacement. Knowing what the signs are that indicate this is needed are important. Here are a few of the top signs that your well pump may be in need of repair or replacement:

Your Water Sputters When You Turn on the Sink

One of the first signs you may notice if your well pump is beginning to have problems is water sputtering when you first turn on your sink, shower or bathtub. This sputtering water is caused by air. Your well pump should only be pumping water into your water supply lines. But if there is an issue, it may begin to pump air into the lines as well. When air is present, it creates a force within your pipe that causes the aeration or sputtering that you notice when you turn on your water. 

The Water is Cloudy or Muddy

Another sign that your well pump may be in need of repair or replacement is cloudy or murky water. Your pump should only pump in clean well water. But if the pump is not working properly, it may pump in sediment that should be filtered out, such as dirt, sand or minerals. If the water looks cloudy to you when you are taking a shower or flushing your toilet, run a sink and fill a clear glass with water. Then look at it. This will tell you right away if the water is cloudy or filled with debris. 

No Water Comes Out

The last sign is the most obvious and one you cannot miss. The last sign that your well pump may need repair or replacement is no water entering your home. If your well pump has stopped working, water will not enter your home. An emergency repair is needed at this point to restore the flow of water into your home. 

If you encounter any of these problems, you may need to have your well pump repaired or replaced. A water treatment company or well pump repair company can assist you. They can help to determine the cause of your issues and then make the repairs or replacement you need to get clean water flowing into your home again. Check out a website like for more information and assistance. 


24 November 2017

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