Turning Your Chain Link Fence Into a Privacy Fence With Ivy

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If you are looking for a fence to have installed around your yard, then you should consider going with a chain link fence. A chain link fence is a good one for you to go with no matter what region you live in because it can withstand extreme heat and extreme cold. It will also withstand wet conditions and extremely dry conditions.

Since a chain link fence is designed with the linkage that has the spaces it does, it can also withstand very high winds where many other types of fences would get blown down. One thing that some may not like about chain link is t doesn't do anything to add privacy to your yard. However, there are many ways you can get that privacy and one way is to use ivy vines. Learn how to turn your chain link fence into a privacy fence with ivy in this article.

Start with ivy that's already growing

If you start with seeds or seedlings, then it is going to be a long time before you get the privacy you want. Also, you will have to babysit the ivy much more. It's better for you to buy ivy that's already started so you have something to work with right away that's already well on its way to becoming the plant you need to achieve your mission.

Mix good soil into the dirt along the bottom of the fence

Dig up about 6 inches of the dirt along the bottom of the fence and mix some good soil in with it. This is going to ensure that the soil the ivy has to grow in is good and will promote fast and strong growth.

Plant the ivy correctly

Make sure you plant the ivy in a straight line right along the bottom of the fence. Make sure you put it so the roots will be far enough under the ground and cover all of the roots with soil. After you plant it and cover it with the soil, you want to give it a light watering to help the soil settle in place.

Thread the vines through the fence

Take individual pieces of the plant and thread them in the chain link so they are going up the fence. You want to go out to the fence regularly and thread any new pieces so they also follow suit.

Any time you spot a potential problem with the chain link fence you should have it repaired right away. Once the ivy covers up the problem, it will require the vines to be cut to access the fence. Talk to professionals like A & R Rent-A-Fence for more information.


26 April 2017

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