Installing A Wrought Iron Fence: Tools You Need On Your Job Site

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When constructing a home, there will be times when your business is requested to install fencing or other decorative iron works for the homeowner. A wrought iron fence is a common home addition to separate a property from another and make a house stand out. If you have a customer request the addition of a wrought iron fence, you want to be ready with the right tools, whether you need to buy them or you rent them on a per-job basis. Here are tools you will need to make the project go smoothly.

Welding machine

Most wrought iron fence panels are designed to affix to one another for completion using a hinge application. To make a fence sturdier you can weld panels to posts. For this you will need a basic welding machine to draw beads, as well as welding hat, gloves, and glasses. If you don't have this equipment already for other projects, you can rent it at your local commercial equipment rental store.

Cement mixer

A small cement mixer is required to fill post holes for fence placement. You can mix several bags of cement on-site, or rent a larger machine if the homeowner is also requesting a cement pad to be placed alongside their fence for a patio or fence border. If you don't want to use a cement mixer (which is recommended for even mixing and better results), you can pour cement mix into the post holes and mix it per hole using water and a stirring agent.


Wrought iron fence panels need to be stacked in a straight line to prevent accidental tangling or damage. You will want to use a trailer to transport panels and posts to their destination. You can also use a flatbed vehicle to do the work. Make sure when handling many panels or posts at once that you don't overload your trailers or work trucks and keep all loads within weight capacities to protect your equipment and the inventory you are carrying.

Unlike chain link, wrought iron fencing does not need to be stretched in order to be secure and look attractive. This is a job that you can have a few of your employees do in a single afternoon. It's best to save this project for last when doing home construction so you can get equipment in and out of the job site much easier without having a fence in the way. After the fence is installed, allow the area a few days to cure before doing a follow-up walk through to make sure it has set evenly.

If need be, don't hesitate to contract the work to a company that specializes in iron work like Anvil Iron Works, Inc.


20 April 2017

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