Obtaining A Permit For A Used Pallet Rack

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Having the ability to maintain an inventory of products in your company's warehouse allows you to better service the needs of your customers. In order to take advantage of the vertical space within your warehouse when it comes to inventory management, you need access to a reliable pallet racking system. These systems can be costly, so many smaller companies opt to invest in used pallet racks to help reduce operating costs.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure you will be able to obtain a permit for your used pallet rack before installation.

1. Know your proximity to seismic faults.

One of the things that a permit officer will look at when deciding whether or not to grant your company a pallet rack permit is the ability to resist seismic activity of the rack you are hoping to install.

You need to know how close your warehouse is located to a seismic fault, since this proximity will determine the steel requirements needed to obtain a permit. When you know what type of structural steel will be needed to obtain a permit, you can limit your purchase to a pallet rack system that meets the structural steel requirements for the area in which your warehouse is located.

2. Know your projected storage needs.

Another critical piece of information that you will need in order to obtain a permit to install your used pallet racking system in your company's warehouse is the approximate amount of weight the racking system will be required to bear in the future.

Taking the time to estimate your projected storage needs will help you identify a pallet racking system that is equipped to support the weight of your inventory. A permit officer will want to be sure that you aren't overloading your pallet rack before issuing a permit, so knowing your projected storage needs is critical when it comes to streamlining the permitting process.

3. Know the placement of your pallet rack.

Since a used pallet racking system will not be designed specifically for your warehouse space, you may find that you have to work hard to accommodate the used pallet racking system safely.

Before a permitting officer will issue a permit for the installation of your pallet rack, he or she will want to see your installation plans. The permit officer will be checking for adequate anchoring of pillars, proper depth of shelving, and ample room in aisles to ensure maximum protection once your pallet racking system has been installed.

Completing the permit process when you want to install a used pallet racking system can be stressful. Be sure that you increase your chances of receiving a permit by knowing your proximity to seismic faults, your projected storage needs, and the placement of your pallet rack before applying for a permit. If you want to learn more, you can find out here.


13 April 2017

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