Everything You Need To Know About DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance And Repairs

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To reduce energy and repair costs for your home, you may want to do many of the maintenance jobs yourself. One of the areas that requires a lot of maintenance is the HVAC system in your home, and doing maintenance to it is something that will help you save. Here are the things you need to know about DIY AC repairs and maintenance for your home:

1. Cleaning the Vents and Regular Filter Changes to Prevent Problems

The dust that collects inside the vents of your unit causes problems and reduces efficiency.  The most important maintenance that can be done for your HVAC system is regularly changing the filter. In addition to monthly filter changes, clean the vents and check them to make sure that they are open and free of any obstructions that can hamper the airflow of your air conditioning. This simple maintenance routine will greatly reduce wear on your AC system.

2. Winterization and Spring Cleaning of Your Outdoor Condensing Unit

When the summer ends, it is a good idea to winterize your AC, which will protect it until spring time. During the spring, you will need to prepare your HVAC with summer air conditioning. Part of the process of preparing your AC is cleaning the outdoor unit. Make sure you turn the unit off and use a garden hose and water with a light detergent to clean any debris and grime that has built up in the unit over the winter. If there are trees around your AC unit, you may need to clean it several times a year to optimize efficiency and prevent damage.

3. Inspecting Your Ductwork and Doing Repairs to Stop Air Leaks That Waste Energy

The ductwork of your home is something that you may not pay much attention to, but ducts can be damaged. When the insulation is damaged or a duct is leaking air, you are losing the air conditioning for your home. Occasionally, inspect the ducts and do any repairs that are needed. If there is only a slight tear in ducts, use duct tape to repair them and prevent leaks that reduce the efficiency of your HVAC. Ducts that have been damaged by water or are missing insulation may need to be completely reinsulated or replaced.

Scheduling regular maintenance routines will improve the efficiency of your HVAC and reduce wear that can lead to costly repairs. Contact an HVAC service like Nathan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. to help with repairs and seasonal service maintenance of your heating and cooling system. 


13 March 2017

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