Basic Tips For Keeping Your Heating And Cooling Unit Well-Maintained

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In order to keep your heating and cooling unit in good working condition, you should perform routine inspections. This will ensure that you catch any minor issues to prevent your system from malfunctioning entirely. There are certain steps you should take, such as checking over the filter, air vents, condenser, and ductwork. The information below provides some basic tips for ensuring that your heating and cooling unit is well maintained.

Filter Maintenance

The air filter on your heating and cooling system should be checked regularly. The air filters work to prevent your heating and cooling unit mechanisms from getting filled with debris, which could cause it to malfunction. However, if the filter is blocked, then it's possible that the debris will back up into the unit. Therefore, when you notice a buildup of dust on the screen, you should have it replaced. If you can't replace it right away, you can clean the filter off so that the screen is visible once again.

Air Vents Maintenance

When you turn on your thermostat to heat or cool your home, the air must be able to flow freely for it to work correctly. Therefore, it's essential that the air vents be kept clean. In addition, when you keep the air vents cleaned off, it helps to lower the level of dust and debris that filter in your home. When cleaning the vents, you should first turn off the thermostat and take a soft cloth to wipe them down. Then you can also take a vacuum or telescopic wand to suction some dust and debris out of the ducts as well.

Outdoor Condenser Maintenance

The most essential component of your central air unit is the condenser, which is located either in the back or on the side of your home. The condenser should be kept free of all litter, high grass, and other debris in order for it to function efficiently. In addition to clearing the area around the condenser, you should also wipe away any grime or dirt buildup on the fins or coils. You should also take the cover off the condenser to remove any dirt or debris that may have made its way inside.

These three maintenance steps will help you to keep your heating and cooling unit well maintained so it continues to function properly. However, if you are unsure of how to perform these steps, consider consulting with a heating and cooling contractor.


2 March 2017

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