How To Prevent Problems With Your Garage That Are Brought On By Cold Weather

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The lifespan of a garage door is about 30 years. However, in order for your door to live a full and complete life, you need to properly take care of it. Unfortunately, winter produces many elements that can be harmful to your garage door. Learning about these problems and how to prevent them can help you ensure your garage door lasts. Here are three garage door problems caused by winter and how you can prevent them.

Frozen Wheels

When it is cold outside, the metal wheels that help to raise or lower your garage door may stick or not turn. This can cause your door to stall or stop dead in its tracks and not open or close like you want. Lubricating the wheels before the cold weather sets in is strongly recommended. However, when you lubricate them, use a silicon-based lubricant. Many people use an oil-based one, such as WD-40. However, this can freeze over in winter, causing the same issue you are trying to prevent and it is technically a degreaser, not a lubricant.

Ice Dams

Another issue that can occur with a garage door is an ice dam forming at the base of the garage door. Most garages are warmer than outside air. As such, when snow rests against your garage door, it may began to melt quickly due to the warm air on the other side of the door. However, if temperatures drop quickly, this melted water can then turn to ice, causing an ice dam to form right against your garage door. This can prevent you from being able to open your garage door or can cause rust to form. Shoveling snow away from your garage door can prevent this problem.

Garage Door Collisions

The last issue that can cause damage to your garage door during the winter months is a garage door collision. If you have snow or ice in your driveway, your car may slide into the garage door, causing a huge dent. A large dent can prevent the door from being able to open or close and can reduce the curb appeal of your home. If your driveway is prone to ice forming in the winter months, sprinkle salt or sand on the driveway. This will help prevent ice from forming, while also creating traction that can prevent your car from sliding if ice does form.

Cold weather, snow, and ice can all reduce the lifespan of your garage door. They can make the wheels freeze, cause an ice dam at the foot of your garage door, or cause your car to slide into the door. Taking the right steps can help reduce the likelihood of any of these things causing major damage to your garage door. Click here for more info on protecting your garage door this winter.


11 January 2017

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