4 Window Upgrades Features That Are Ideal For Privacy

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Having a close-knit community with homes next to each other is great for socializing and building bonds, but there is also a need to protect your own privacy. When your house lot is located right next to a neighbor's, the windows on a home can act as a clear view into your everyday living. Instead of allowing your neighbor to have visuals of your daily activities, you can upgrade windows with increased privacy features. The following four window upgrades will help block out the visuals while still providing you with basic window advantages like natural sunlight and proper venting for your home.

Decorative Windows

Adding decorative windows to your home is a great way to implement some style with your privacy. These windows typically feature different pane designs that can create a unique look for your home. They are ideal for installing in the front areas of your house and can match doors with similar styles. The panels featured on these windows are typically made with etched and frosted glass. These features help let the light into the home while obscuring visuals and ensuring your privacy on the main entry of the home. Along with traditional clear glass, you can purchase decorative windows with colored panels. These panels are visually similar to stained glass windows and provide your home with unique color options that can match other exterior paint colors.

Glass Block Windows

Help block out views from bathrooms or bedrooms facing your neighbor's property with the installation of glass block windows. Also known as a glass brick, the unique design can be purchased and installed in many types of window openings. The glass blocks would be encased to completely fill the frame of the window and may use concrete edges to offer a more secure application. To help bring fresh air into the home, one of the glass blocks may feature a small vent installed in it. This vent can provide you with fresh air and has adjustable settings to easily open it or close it when needed.

Privacy Tinting

If you still want to enjoy the views to your neighborhood, then consider replacing the windows in your home with designs that have privacy tinting built into them. The privacy tinting allows you to see clearly outside while the view inside your home is blocked off through a darker shade. These window designs work similar to sunglasses and can also prevent excess heat from coming into the home. The tints are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to select custom designs that match the exterior of your home. This type of tinting can be applied to any window, but it's often ideal for larger picture windows that can offer easy views into your home without the tinting applied.

Electric Privacy Glass

Along with traditional tinting, you have the option of having electric privacy glass windows installed on your home. Also known as smart glass, these windows give you multiple options for controlling your privacy. The windows have the ability to turn privacy functions on and off, making it easy to control when neighbors can see into your home. For example, during the day, you may want to fill your home with sunlight. You can choose to keep the privacy glass turned off. At night, you can turn the privacy glass back on to provide the extra protection from any nosy neighbors. The electric privacy glass can be installed and controlled multiple ways. The glass can be on a single system for easy controls, or you can set up individual windows to have specific control of separate areas in the home. A window installation specialist can guide you through the process and showcase the best options that are available.

Adding the privacy is easy and it can last for numerous years to come as you grow and thrive in your neighborhood home. For more information, contact a local window repair and installation company. 


23 May 2016

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