Five Ways Truck Mounted Attenuators Can Help Protect Your Road Repair Crew

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If you work for a company like Bituminous Roadways, Inc. and are organizing road or asphalt repairs, you need to take steps to ensure your workers are as safe as possible. There are a wide range of safety options available, but truck mounted attenuators are a critical investment to consider. Also referred to as crash cushions or cowboy cushions, TMAs can protect your road repair team in the following ways:

1. Increasing the visibility of the project

When you set up your work area to do road repairs, placing a TMA at either end of the work zone increases the visibility of your project. Taller than safety cones and road barriers, TMAs can herald the presence of your road repair crew more effectively than other options.

In addition to holding the attenuators, these trucks can hold warning signs, flashing illuminated arrows to direct traffic, and high-intensity amber strobe lights to flood the area with light.

2. Helping the project to move quickly

When you use TMAs to provide safety to your road repair crew, you also create the opportunity to move the project along the road quickly. When they have completed the repairs in one area, the trucks and workers in the middle of the action simply need to grab their gear.

Then, the lead truck with the attenuator can drive forward while the rest of the trucks and the rear TMA follow. When they reach the next area, they simply need to stop and remove their gear. Then, they are ready to work immediately.

That flexibility protects your project by keeping it on track and on budget. It helps you avoid worker downtime as you can continuously roll the project down the road, rather than having to stop everything to set up an entire new area with barriers.

3. Protecting the road repair crew

However, the main purpose of using a TMA to protect your road repair crew is the safety of the crew itself. Having a TMA at your work site greatly reduces the chances of a car crashing into one of your crew members.

If a car fails to get out of the lane you are working in before it reaches the work area, it won't crash into your workers. Instead, it will crash into your attenuator. As the attenuator is designed to absorb the crash, the truck holding it doesn't move into your work area either.

4. Providing safety to trucks and equipment

In addition to protecting your road repair crew, a truck mounted attenuator also protects your equipment. You don't have to worry about a car hitting one of your trucks or machines and totaling it. Similarly, you don't have to worry about your equipment getting damaged either.

5. Promising even greater future safety possibilities

In their current state, TMAs promise a significant amount of safety to a road repair crew, but advancements to their technology promise to make future manifestations of these trucks even more safe. In particular, researchers have developed a driver-less or automated truck mounted attenuator.

These TMAs offer road repair crews all of the safety features detailed above, but they also protect the driver of the TMA. Instead of having a driver in the cab of the TMA, where he or she may be subject to injuries if the TMA is hit, you can have that extra crew member on the ground working on road repairs with the rest of your crew. Without the driver, the automated TMA uses signals to communicate with and automatically follow the vehicle in front of it.

For more ideas on boosting the safety of your road repair crew, contact a road repair company today.



6 November 2015

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